How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Home

May 23, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning


Having pets in your home can be a lot of fun. You can spend amazing time with your pets anywhere, anytime. But also expect some hair… ok lots of hair in your home. This hair can be everywhere! On the furniture, carpet, clothes, and places you didn’t know could have hair. This can turn out to be a massive hassle for pet lovers.

Don’t worry! There are easy ways to remove pet hair from your home without much of a hassle. Try out these simple tips and ensure to ensure pet hair removal on a regular basis. Doing so would save you from inconveniences such as massive hairballs in the future.

Brush Your Pets Regularly

The best way to prevent pet hair in your home is to tackle the issue from the root cause. Pets cannot be stopped from shedding hair, just like humans, so let’s get creative. The best thing you can do is to groom your pets regularly. This ensures that your pet sheds minimum hair in your home.

This does not mean that you must do it daily, maybe every other day. If you see that your pet is shedding a lot of hair, then this is the right time to take action and perform grooming right away.

Rub Clothes with Rubber Gloves

This is a life saver! Remove pet hair from your clothes before placing it in the washer. If your leave clothes with sticky pet hairs prior to putting it in the washing machine, the results can be more irritating than before. These pet hairs can become stickier after the clothes absorb water and moisture. There is a simple, yet effective technique to remove pet hair when the clothes are dry. Put on rubber gloves and rub them over the dry clothes. This will extract the hair out of the fabric content of the clothes. Once extracted, you can easily pick out the pet hair from clothes.

The same technique can be utilized for the removal of pet hair from furniture. The anti-static effect created by the rubber gloves forces the hair to come out of the fabric of the clothes and furniture, thus making it super easy for you to remove hair without trying some other fancy tricks.

Vacuum Clean for Tight Spaces

Sometimes it becomes very difficult for homeowners to remove pet hair from tight spaces. Is there a solution for such spaces? Surely there is! Use a top-quality vacuum cleaner to suck up all the pet hair from the spaces that cannot be reached with hands or any other tool.

What sets a vacuum cleaner apart from other tools is its suction power. It does not matter which space they are applied to; the results are always effective. If you are using a vacuum cleaner properly, then you are surely saving yourself from extra work when deep cleaning. Quick, efficient, and easy-to-handle; vacuum cleaning can be your go-to technique to remove pet hair from your home.

If you’ve tried all the above but still need to go the extra mile. Call RedLine Cleaners for all your carpet cleaning and furniture cleaning needs! We are a call away from a hair free home. Contact us today at (980) 226-0432 or send us a message.

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