How To Maintain Clean Carpets Between Professional Cleanings?

May 9, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

How To Maintain Clean Carpets Between Professional Cleanings?

Professional carpet cleaning is the best solution to keep your carpet looking and feeling astonishing for a few weeks to come. However, you probably won’t go for a professional carpet cleaning in just a few weeks. Isn’t it? So, how can you maintain clean carpets between professional cleanings?

Don’t think much; keep reading to learn about some excellent tips that will ensure a clean carpet until you call another professional carpet cleaning service.

5 Tips To Maintain Clean Carpets Between Professional Cleanings

Cleaning a carpet at home might be daunting at times. But not when you have some easy solutions handy. The tips given below will help you maintain a clean carpet easily until the next professional service is scheduled.

1. Vacuum The Carpet Regularly

Do you vacuum your carpet only when there is no option? Rethink about it. When dirt and debris accumulate on the carpet fiber for a long time, it can make it look worse. Regular vacuuming ensures your carpet stays away from dirt and grime. Additionally, regular vacuuming keeps allergens and pollutants at bay to keep you free from various allergies. So, whether you feel like vacuuming or not, doing so can help you keep your carpet clean and fresh.

2. Instantly Clean Stains Before They Set

The second important tip is to clean up spills as soon as they occur. The longer the spill is on the carpet, the more chances there are for it to become stained and hard to remove. We recommend blotting it up immediately with a piece of cloth or sponge without rubbing it further. This way, the carpet will stay clean for a long time.

3. Rotate Or Reshuffle Furniture Periodically

It is one of the techniques where you reshuffle your furniture to reduce wear and tear on the carpet while keeping the surface area clean. Rotating furniture once every few months can help you create different traffic paths on your carpet, allowing it to have equal aging.

It also allows you to clean untouched parts of the carpet and keep each part of the carpet looking and feeling equal. Thus, Rotating furniture regularly can help maintain clean carpets between professional cleanings.

4. Apply Carpet Protection

Carpet protection is one of the best ways to keep your carpet protected against stains and dirt. You just have to apply carpet protection after your professional carpet cleaning. It will ensure your carpet doesn’t absorb any dirt, grime, or stains that it comes across. Try to reapply carpet protection yearly to avoid wear and tear.

5. Use Door Mats To Resist Dust On The Carpet

Another alternate way you can prevent dirt, grime, and bacteria from contaminating your carpet is by using doormats. They keep those pollutants away and prevent them from accumulating on carpet fiber. You can use both indoor and outdoor mats to filter out the amount of bacteria and dirt entering your home.

Precautions To Maintain Clean Carpets

Above mentioned tips can help to maintain clean carpets, for sure. However, some precautions can further allow it to resist dirt and grime.

→ Remove Shoes Outside

To keep unhealthy bacteria away from your home, always have a policy to remove your shoes outside of your home. It is the healthiest habit you can have to not only keep your carpet clean but also to feel fresh and happy in your home.

→ Replace Air Filters

One of the overlooked aspects of cleanliness is air filtering. HVAC air filters need to be changed and cleaned regularly to prevent the dirt associated with them from transferring to your carpet.

Maintain A Clean Carpet With A Professional Cleaning Service Regularly

Some important tips and precautions, like regular vacuuming, cleaning spills immediately, and preventing bacteria, can help you maintain clean carpets between professional cleanings.

In addition to that, you can always follow guidelines from your carpet cleaning service providers to make a big difference. Although trying your best will help keep your carpet well-maintained, it still can’t replace the need for professionals. So make sure you call professionals for a deep cleaning periodically.

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