How to Fix Carpet Dents?

May 29, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

How to Fix Carpet Dents?

Heavy furniture placed on the carpet for a long time is the main cause of dents on the carpet. Eventually, it can pressurize the fibers of the carpet to make a visible imprint. Generally, these dents are feasible to recover with some fixes. However, we can also prevent them before they penetrate carpet fibers.

Continue reading to learn effective solutions to fix carpet dents and some preventive measures to avoid them.

3 Effective Ways to Fix Carpet Dents

Dents on the carpet are nothing but the marks of the furniture created over time. Some solutions to lift the carpet fiber can fix the carpet dents effectively.

1. The Ice Procedure

Ice is an effective way to remove carpet dents. Start by shifting the furniture away and filling the dent with ice cubes. As the ice melts, the compressed fiber will absorb the water eventually, become fuller, and reduce indentation. After that, use a dry towel or any other absorbent towel to absorb excess water
from the melted ice.

Leave the dent overnight and let the fibers come back to their original shape and plum. The next day you will see that the fibers are now in their original shape. Use a coin, fork, or brush to fluff the fibers.

2. Use Iron Steam

Once again, after removing furniture and placing floor protection, start by filling the iron with water. Keep the setting on high, and let steam produce in the iron. Keep the iron 4 to 6 inches away from the carpet. Remember, we are not ironing the carpet. Just apply steam to the dented fibers. Let the steam fluff the fibers and blot the surface with a clean cloth. Again, fluff the fibers with fingers, fork, or brush to fix the dent in the carpet.

3. Use A Blow Dryer

In this method, we will use a blow dryer. Just as the dryer adds volume to the hair, it will help make carpet fiber fluff. Start by spraying water on the dent to saturate it (but avoid over-wetting it). Use your dryer to dry out the dented area, then fluff the fibers with your fingers. It will restore the original bounce of the fibers and eliminate dents.

Some Preventive Actions To Avoid Carpet Dents

Above mentioned methods can fix carpet dents. But some actions are necessary to prevent them from happening. Below are the effective preventive measures mentioned to avoid carpet dents.

1. Use Carpet Pads

One of the methods to prevent dents from forming is using carpet pads. They come in different thicknesses, depending on the type and size of the carpet. Carpet pads are effective as they absorb the weight of the furniture and prevent dents from forming on the carpet.

2. Move Furniture Regularly

Another way is to move furniture periodically. It ensures the reduction of pressure on the carpet and prevents dent formation. This method is ideal for small furniture pieces that are easy to move. However, for heavy furniture, you can use a rug beneath it that will get all the dents on it, which you can clean professionally using a professional carpet cleaning service afterward, or use a small tool to fluff up the fiber.

3. Use Cups Or Gliders

Apart from the carpet pad placed beneath the carpet, there are alternatives that you can apply under the furniture feet themselves. These are cups and gliders that spread the weight of the furniture more evenly among more fibers. Cups can slide under the furniture, and gliders are made to help furniture slide without making scraps. This way, dent formation can be prevented.

Need Further Help Fixing Carpet Dents? Call Us Today!

Dents can be fixed using ice cubes, iron steam, and a dryer, as they can make carpet fiber fluffy again. In addition to that, some preventive measures like using carpet pads, cups, and gliders are useful to avoid dent formation.

In other cases, when these methods might not have a significant effect, a professional carpet cleaning service can help fix carpet dents in a fraction of the time. You just have to call our team, and you are good to go.

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